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WasdinHoping to get this in…might be a little behind because of things at home…but I know the game isn’t on MLB Extra Innings tonight  – so I’ll definitely be live-blogging (like I said, just a little behind the game to start with, possibly).

David Pauley v John "Way Back" Wasdin.  Should be a very interesting pitching match up.

Also, Manny, Tek, AGon and Youk are all sitting out tonight.  Currently, this doesn’t make me very happy (they have a dam off-day tomorrow!), maybe (HOPEFULLY) that will change as the game goes along.

Congratulations to Manny Delcarmen on getting his first major league win.  We’re all very proud!

I’ll be back for the game…

My timing will be off for a play or two…eventually I’ll get back to adding the time.

I’m going to make the beginning short and sweet so I can catch up.

Pauley gives up a single to Gary Matthews and Mirabelli picks him off.  Woo-hoo!  (Don’t get too excited, Cyn, bad things are coming)

First pick off by a Sox catcher this season.  Okay, good reason number 1 to have ‘Belli in there.

Michael Young gets the second out flying to Willie Harris.  Ah, David…it all started off so well.

Mark Teixeira avoids the shift and gets a single…Hank Blalock gets a single (oh surprise surprise) and Make Derosa knocks in Teixeira.  1-0 Rangers. 

Well, at least they get Derosa out at second. 

5:22 – Bottom of the first…two out and Papi is up.  As expected, the place is going crazy.  The Sox still have their "Sunday go to Meeting" red jerseys on.  I wonder if they even bothered showering. 

5:23 – I’m flashing back to Wasdin’s Red Sox days.  Here’s hoping he has a few more homeruns in him.

5:24 – Way Back has a full count on Papi.  Take him deep, David!  (I’ve always wanted to write that!)

5:25 – Big Papi walks, and that brings up Manny!  No, wait…Tito thinks Manny needs a REST so it brings up Mike Lowell.  I’m not too fond of Tito at the moment.

5:26 – Lowell went 0-4 in the first game today…he’s surely planning on making up for that tonight, right?

5:27 – Sure he is.  In another inning.  1-0 at the end of 1.

Jr03_54_silver 5:30 – David Pauley isn’t going to win a Gold Glove any time soon.  I’m just sayin’.

5:31 – Nor is he winning any Cy Youngs today.  Two on (second and third) with no outs. 

5:33 – Nice strikeout of Hairston.  Come on, kiddo, two more outs.

5:35 – 3-0.  Tonight is definitely not Pauley’s night.  (God forbid Tito walks a guy to set up a double-play.  God forbid.)

5:36 – My annoyance of Manny, Tek, AGon and Youk is not waning.

5:36b – Seriously.  Has Pauley NEVER had to field his position in AA ball?  I can’t believe he got the guy at first.  Someone was watching over him.  Teixeira up again.

5:38 – Heck, even Don Orsillo thought it was ball four.  Ump trying to help the kid out.  All for naught.  Fourth Texas run on a ground rule double.  No need to get a guy up in the bullpen after 8 hits, eh Tito?

5:39 – Holy cow, they’re walking Blalock intentionally.  Brad Mills must have knocked Tito unconscious and is now taking over.

5:40 – Derosa gets a hit.  5-0 Rangers in the second.  Tito, exactly how much abuse would you like this kid to take tonight?

5:41 – And by the way, Manny would have thrown the guy out at home.  Willie Harris…not so much.

5:42 – Kevin Mench strikes out to end the inning.  Just so Pauley doesn’t jump into the Charles River.  Thanks, Kev.

5:46 – Was it really 3 seasons we had Wasdin?  Man.

5:47 – Hey, JT Snow got a hit.  Go figure.

5:54 – Snow’s hit is wasted.  5-0 Rangers after 2.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the idea of the regulars "resting" today?

5:58 – Hey, I step away to get some watermelon and Pauley has 2 outs.  That’s nice.

5:59 – Pauley wears a gold Boston "B" on a chain around his neck.  That’s so cute.

6:00 – Swing, miss, Sox are up.  Come on guys, five runs can be made up in 7 innings.

6:07 – I hate called strikes.  Swing the dam bat, Mark!  (Okay, there are already two outs, I shouldn’t take it out on Loretta.)

6:07b – Mark Loretta gets a hit.  Must be because I yelled at him.

6:09 – Papi walks.  Two out, two on…and no Manny.  Pressure is on you, Mr. Lowell.

6:11 – Nice throw Rangers catcher whose name I just forgot.  Loretta on third.  Now is the time for Lowell to get revenge for his 0-4 afternoon.

6:12 – Lowell just wants to be the one to get the walk-off tonight, right?

6:16 – You think Pauley is praying that Tito comes and takes him out?  GMJr on 2nd, no outs with Michael Young up.  This has ugly written all over it.

6:20 – Good God this is a long inning.  One out, GMRJr still on second.

6:22 – Struck out Blalock to end the inning.  Nice, Pauley, nice.

6:27 – Two outs already for Way Back.  Don and Jerry aren’t even paying Sleepy_1attention to the game at this point.

6:28 – This really is painful.  These guys are making Wasdin look like Mussina.

6:34 – Beautiful double play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yeesh, I hope Mench is all right.

6:41 – I’m sure it’s a combination of my coming down from the weekend and the fact that this game is long, boring and currently depressing – but I’m ready to fall asleep.

6:48 – I was just about to write how Pauley has calmed down and he hits Jerry Hairston, Jr.  So much for that.  Have a nice night, David.  It’s Batshit Tavares time.

6:55 – They’re showing Little Manny…he has a shaved head.  Break my heart.  Manny got his first MLB win tonight.  David Pauley wasn’t so lucky. 

6:56 – Rangers just got another run with their second out in the sixth.

6:57 – Mike Lowell…who I think is extremely handsome (although I do NOT agree that he looks like George Clooney, as many folks seem to think)…also always looks like he’s about ready to yell at someone when he’s playing.  Off the field, he’s sweet as pie, but when he’s playing – watch out, man.

6:59 – Bottom of the sixth, 6-0 Rangers.  Heck, I still have faith – but man it’s being stretched.

7:01 – Papi gets a base hit and Manny…oh, wait.  No he isn’t.

7:02 – Mike Lowell, this current suckitude is unacceptable, dude.  Step it up.

7:03 – I think I’m going to start yelling at all of them if it’s getting results.  🙂

7:04 – Double for Trot Nixon – woooooooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!  6-1 with two on (and both in scoring position), no outs and and JT Snow up at bat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:05 – JT, come on baby, show me why Tito should let you play.

7:06 – Not completely convincing, but I’ll take a sacrifice that scores a run over just a plain old out.  6-2, one out, one on third and Dougie up.

7:07 – If you look up ‘frustrating’ in the dictionary, I’m certain Mirabelli’s picture is there.

7:08 – Wasdin knocks down the ball, gets Mirabelli out and another run scores.  How’s that thumb feeling, Johnny? 

7:09 – 6-3 with two out and no one on base.  Pitching change.

7:11 – Alex Cora doubles and Youk pinch hits for Willie Harris – let’s go, Youk!


7:14b – 6-4 with Youk on first and two outs.  Suddenly, I’m wide awake.  Funny how that works, huh?

7:16 – Come on, Coco.  Show us why we got you.

7:19 – Four runs in the sixth (Coco struck out) so after 6, the score is 6-4.  Now, this is a game, folks!  🙂

7:23 – Mark Derosa has hit in 11 straight games.  He’s amazing.  Truly.  Rangers fans should be very happy with him.

7:24 – That moment of nice about Mark Derosa was brought to you by my sub-conscious that didn’t want to acknowledge that Tito is bringing in Rudy Seanez.

7:32 – The 8 minutes of silence was my trying not to write anything nasty about Seanez.  Who just gave up an inherited runner.  Thanks Julian and Rudy.  You guys are golden.

7:33 – 7-4 with two outs and a guy on second.  7-4 looks so much worse than 6-4, eh? 

7:34 – Intentional walk to bring up Hairston.

7:36 – Rudy gives up 2 more runs on a Hairston hit.  I’m fairly certain I hate Rudy Seanez.

7:42 – 9-4 bottom of the seventh.  Thanks a pantload, Rudy.

7:45 – Mr. Double gets another!  9-5 with one out and Trot up.

7:46 – A homerun would be really quite nice, Trot.

7:48 – Or a strikeout.  It’s only the 7th inning…why get crazy, right?

7:53 – Pinning hopes on Doug Mirabelli used to be a lot more attractive.

7:54 – Nice wild pitch.  Let’s make something happen, Dougie…

7:55 – I thought Mirabelli ‘offered’.  Replay shows that I’m wrong.

7:56 – Have I mentioned how much I hate it when a batter takes a strike?  If you’re going to strike out, swing the dam bat!

7:57 – Man, I really want them to win this one.  I know it isn’t a ‘must win’ by any stretch, but it would be so nice to be a solid two games over the Yankees.

8:02 – Keith Foulke has the nerve to complain about anything aside from himself.

8:03 – I don’t blame Pauley for any of this.  The hitters picked him up.  This is all on Tavares, Seanez and Foulke. 

8:04 – 11-5 Texas.  I hope Foulke gets crabs.

8:06 – 12-5, you know, in case you’re still counting.  2 outs.  Good work, Keith.


Mkejuly52005c_2 8:07 – Rangers have 19 hits…Sox have 10.  Apparently, neither team was tired after the long day yesterday and the first game today.

8:13 – Youk made it to first.  Two outs in the 8th.  I’m totally annoyed with our bullpen.  None of them deserve a day off tomorrow.  The rest of the team does, though.

8:14 – Man, I miss Mike Timlin.

8:16 – Big Papi gets an RBI single.  12-6.  Man, he tries, doesn’t he?  Clutch, baby. Oh, so clutch.

8:19 – That was a quick end of the inning.

8:22 – Hey, Keith Foulke is still in the game.  Does Tito think he’ll work better in the ninth than he did the eighth?

8:26 – 13-6…how much money do you think I could make with the "I Hope Keith Foulke Gets Crabs" t-shirts?

8:27 – Mike Lowell.  All he did was catch the ball, but still…

8:31 – Ditto for Trot Nixon.

8:34 – One down.  13-6.  Ugh.  But, HEY, JT SNOW IS UP!!!! (Banging my head)

Peaceout8:35 – Did I say "one" down?  Make it two, baby.

8:35 – Doug Mirabelli ends the NESN crews’ pain and the game is over.  Rangers had 22 freaking hits – Sox had 12.

A split with Texas is actually far from horrible.  I’ll take it.  I don’t love it, but I’ll take it. 

Besides…Sox are in first place and get a day off to chill out.  Things will look up tomorrow.

Peace out, folks.  Thanks for following along!

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