Rainy Saturday

Wakefield_1I did ‘the wave’ last night.  More than once.  Luckily, I wasn’t at a ball game so it was acceptable.  🙂

Having a great ‘weekend’ that started Thursday night.  Just wish that the rain would go away.  If it is raining in Boston as hard as it is here, there is no way they’re going to get these games in today.  At least not the first one!

I was excited to see Craig Hansen in there last night – not so excited with the Nixonresults.  Oh well…better luck next time.

This blog hit the 100,000 page views mark while I’ve been ‘away’!  (And that’s only been since February when I started keeping track – the blog has been up since July.)  Thanks for stopping by, folks, it means a lot.

Another shout out to my friends who have my back.  I love being here and knowing I have friends who enjoy this place makes it that much more important for me to stick around!

Let’s hear it for the ‘old guys’, Wakefield and Nixon, for showing everyone how it’s done!

Have a great day, folks.  Boston.com claims they’re getting this game in at 1:25 today…we’ll soon see.

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