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I don’t usually tout the talents of the Boston sports media, but Nick Cafardo has, what I consider, an excellent piece on Matt Clement this morning.

Cafardo brings up, among other points, Clement getting hit in the head with that line drive last year in Tampa Bay.  Physically, thankfully, he turned out to be fine.  But, regardless of what he says publicly, who knows who it has affected him mentally.

He’s always been a hit or miss guy, going through slumps and such, but this is a little different.  Not only is he in a major slump right now, but he isn’t shaking anything off.  Every hit ball gets him deeper and deeper into a funk.  I saw it for myself against New York.  I really thought, at one point, he was either going to cry or punch someone.  Matt needs some help, I believe, and it’s up to the team to push this if he isn’t responding.  Which, based on quotes like this, I’m guessing he isn’t.

“I don’t know," he said. “I don’t think it is [the ankle], but if it was, I probably wouldn’t say anyways. It’s not a thing with an injury. I’ve just got to figure out how to execute better.

“I’ve gone through stretches longer, but to have two disastrous outings like this . . .

“I recall times where I’ve spent eight or nine starts in a funk, in a situation like you’ve got to find a way to find a silver lining. I just have to remember it wasn’t long ago that I threw the ball well. I know I’m just going to work my butt off to get where I need to be."

This is Boston, Matt.  Where if you go much longer in a ‘funk’, they will eat you alive at Fenway and in the press.  It breaks my heart to see this happening to you, regardless of any snide remarks I might make, and I really hope you get off your butt and get the help you obviously need before the dopes at Fenway get to you even more than they already have.

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