Matt Clement – Part Deux

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned ‘postcard showers’ on this blog before.  A few years back, starting in, I believe, 2003, a group of us from the Red Sox Fan Forum decided we needed to override the constant negativity whenever a player is doing poorly…and we got together and ‘showered’ specific players with postcards bearing positive messages.  At the time, we called ourselves "The BOSTONS" (Babes Offering Support To Our Needed Sox).  We even used to have a website.  Here’s a blurb from it:

The BOSTONS was formed to show the guys on the team how much the fans support them.  The definition of our "postcard shower" was to get at least 10 of the women to send out 10 postcards with positive messages of support written on them to the player we all agreed needed it the most.

We started in August 2003 with Todd Walker who was in the middle of his worst slump of the season.

According to the Boston Globe:  "(As of September 8th) Since Todd returned to the second spot in the order Aug. 21, he is batting .333 (18 for 54) after hitting .177 in the previous 37 games" .

We BOSTONS know the truth!  🙂  By that week of August 21st Todd was already receiving his postcards!

With the players all playing so well, we decided on Kevin Millar next since he was getting a bit of a hammering from the media.  Following Kevin we chose Billy Mueller and Nomar Garciaparra.  Two guys doing well for most of the season – both had been toying with slumps in the late stages of 2003.

We firmly believe that the vocal support of The BOSTONS was a major factor in the wonderful way the guys came through for us in 2003  and ESPECIALLY the way they came through for us in 2004 and we know that tradition will continue in 2005!

Okay, so we’re a little giddy.  We’re fans and we feel strongly about supporting our team.  And at the end of 2003, we were rewarded, somewhat, with this:

Toddcleansup This is Todd Walker cleaning out his locker in October 2003.  If you enlarge the photo, you will see a postcard taped to his locker.  A white card with a yellow smiley face on it.  Three of the "Babes" (including Booklady and Red Sox Chick!) sent Todd ‘smiley face’ postcards.  So we use this photo as proof that the showers meant something to the guys.

There was also a quote from Gabe Kapler in 2004 (thanks to Dale and Susan for it):

"I have never seen a group of fans care so much about a team in my life. I’ve never gotten a letter that explains, I get these random letters, asking for nothing, they’re not asking for anything, they just want to show support for the team. They just want to say, hey I loved that play you made or it’s great that you guys beat them in this series, a post card, no return address, just out of the blue."

As  you can see, we feel strongly about the power of our support. With this in mind, Kelly suggested today that we have a postcard shower for Matt Clement.

Clement’s woes are exactly why we started this movement.  He’s having a tough time…he’s getting hammered by the press and the media…the guy needs to know he has support behind him.  So we’re going to give it to him!

If you’d like to join in…just go buy some postcards (or make your own!) and send them to:

Matt Clement
c/o Boston Red Sox
Fenway Park
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA 02215
The Red Sox won’t be back in Boston until Friday, June 9th.  That gives us roughly 10 days to get these out so Matt will get them when he returns to Fenway.

If you’re so inclined, please join us in sending Matty some support!  If you’re a Red Sox fan, you know he needs it!

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