Well, THIS was nice

Red Sox gave Tito his 500th win.  Mike Lowell, Mark Loretta and Jason Varitek?  En Fuego.  Wily Mo continues to tell me to shut up.  Josh Beckett decided to celebrate his birthday by shutting down the Orioles (and here’s hoping he’s blister-less).

Barry Bonds hit a double tonight and looked annoyed by it.  Why do people care so much about this guy?  He cares nothing about the game and everything about only his personal accomplishments.

The Yankees are playing Frankie’s version of New York,  New York.  But be not fooled.  The Rangers won 4-2 over the Yanks, with Farnsworth getting the loss (and Millwood getting the win!).

All this puts the Red Sox in first place – by a full game.

Like I said…niiiice.

(One note…I threw together a quickie blog here that has links to most of the media outlets that cover the Red Sox…it isn’t much, but it beats the alternative.)

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