More Sights from Spring Training

Man, I wish I was there so I could take my own pictures.  🙂

775605_redsox15 Rookie hazing.  Looking good in the black, Mr. Hansen.

Miketimlinsturnsst Mike Timlin

Cocopensivest Coco Crisp.  According to reports, he’s been staying late at the park to talk with the fans and sign autographs.

Schillnipst Curt Schilling and ‘new’ pitching coach, Al Nipper.

Alexesst The "Alexes".  Cora and Gonzalez.

Beckettricest Josh Beckett and Jim Rice

Tektheost Jason Varitek and Theo Epstein.

661384_redsox5 And maybe the best picture of the group!

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