More Jim Rice

Because I’m really fuming about this.

What the heck does this man have to do to get elected into the Hall of Fame?

As far as I’m concerned, this is just more proof that most of the people allowed to vote for the Hall of Fame have no business being given that power.

I wrote this originally in a post when Jim Ed last came up.  And I wrote it again in response to a comment made here today.  It’s worth repeating, yet again.

Rice dominated the league in hitting when he played. In 15 years, he was as all star 8 times, he was the American League MVP in ’78 (and in the top ten in MVP voting 6 times) and he earned two silver sluggers.

This along with his batting average, home runs and rbi totals should make him a lock.  This guy was the premiere player of his day.  Rice shouldn’t have to pay just because some writers hold a grudge and others are too egomaniacal to actually RESEARCH the game they write about.

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