Jim Rice, Robbed Again

Ricemoney_1 I’m so disgusted with the "writers" that I can’t even write about this right now.

Shame on them.  You’re already a Hall of Famer to Red Sox Nation, Jim Ed.

From today’s Boston Herald:  

"Go back and look at the numbers. Everyone says I played 16 years, and I didn’t. I played 15 years.”

    The essence of that last remark is that it took Rice less time to accumulate his numbers than everyone says it did. And if you have difficulty interpreting that, allow us to do it for you: During his major league career, Rice batted .298 with 382 home runs and 1,451 RBI.

    Those totals compare quite well with those of, say, Hall of Fame first baseman Tony Perez, who batted .279 with 379 home runs and 1,652 RBI. Perez, however, played 23 years."

The  man was robbed.  Plain and simple.  For shame.

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