The “Nation” Needs to Calm Down

Good God, people…it’s day four of the winter meetings – not the end of the world!

Dougiemarch132005Doug Mirabelli to the Padres/Mark Loretta to Boston, prompting Tim Wakefield to ask "’What the heck is our team going to look like next year?”.  I love Dougie…he’s one of the dirtdogs and he’s the best backup catcher in the league, maybe even in MLB…but I can’t complain about a trade that gets us a starting infielder for a catcher who plays once every five days.  Aside from a bad season due to a thumb injury last year, Loretta is a pretty solid, every day player.  We need more of them.   I’ll miss you Dougie…good luck in San Diego!

*  The big one thus far – Edgar Renteria to Atlanta/Andy Marte to Boston.  How do I put this?  WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I liked Edgar when he was on the Cardinals (even moreso when he made that last out in game 4 of the 2004 World Series) but he didn’t show us much last year.  Now, I’m not one of those fans who judges players on one bad year (more about Kevin Millar in a minute) but Edgar brought with him a huge contract, many, MANY errors and an uncomfortableness that was obvious all season long.  Maybe Edgar never got into playing in Boston?  Or maybe he was hurt and didn’t bother to tell anyone all season?  Whatever the reasons, the fit wasn’t there.  Good luck in Atlanta, Edgar…I hope you do well.  But I’m thrilled to be getting Marte.  The kid is hot…and I like that the Sox are going with some young guys.  It gives me hope that Papelbon, Hansen and Lester will get another shot this season.

Kevinmarch132005The Sox didn’t offer arbitration to Mike Myers (who then went and signed a two-year deal with the Yankees), Matt Mantei and Kevin Millar.

Kevin Millar went out with class.  My heart is broken.  Millar is a great guy and a huge reason this team has been as successful as it’s been these past three years.  It stinks to the high heavens that based on one bad season, the Sox cut  him loose.  But as much as I care about Millar, I understand their position.  I don’t agree with it and I shed some tears today, but I understand the business of baseball.

A lot of fans on the Red Sox Fan Forum are losing their minds…freaking Billy_mueller_looking_pissed_june_26_200_2out, believing that these moves are bringing the Sox down a bad road. I’m not one of them.  I’ll miss Mirabelli and I wish more than anything that Millar was still with the team, but I also embrace change and am really looking forward to what the rest of the off-season brings.

(Edited to add:  I’ve been away from the computer and sports news…apparently Bill Mueller is going to LA to play for Grady Little…this is a tough one – Mueller produced for us, is a good guy and the fans – including myself – are really REALLY going to miss him.  God speed, Billy Mueller…you’re one of the good ones and deserve the best!)

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