Keep Manny?

Well, everyone from to to is talking about it, so why not me?

There is a website out there called ""…I don’t get this.  Mind you, I understand that people want Manny to remain a Red Sox player – but people need to remember that the man is under contract.  The Boston Red Sox aren’t trying to get rid of him – they’re honoring his wishes because HE WANTS TO LEAVE. 

Manny has gotten on my last nerve.  Rumors run from his hating the attention of the fans, to his wanting to leave Boston because of a jilted, stalking lover.  I don’t care why he wants to leave…but I DO believe he wants to leave.

Shouldn’t the name of the website be ""?  Once again people choose to make the FO look like the bad guys.  We all know they aren’t perfect, but what the heck?  "keepmanny"?, what IS that? 


How difficult is this to get?

Do I want him gone?  Heck no.  But I want the Red Sox to do SOMETHING before this gets out of hand.  If this goes on up to Spring Training and Manny decides to pull a hissy fit and not show – NO ONE is going to want him.

So if they can trade him…let’s get it done so we can move on past the drama that is Manny Ramirez.

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