And now a few words from Mike Timlin

Timlinpitches2005_2 Courtesy of the Boston Globe:

Timlin, who severed ties with longtime agent David Sloane and is representing himself, contacted Epstein last week in an effort to start talks about a new deal to keep him in Boston. Timlin is eligible to file for free agency after the World Series. The two exchanged voice-mails last week but haven’t talked, Timlin said. ”I just want to be able to do this and get this done," said Timlin. ”I’m not going to say I need two years. We’ll do what we can to re-sign with Boston."

Now there is a MAN.  Mikesarm_2I think we’ll be seeing Mike play in the "twilight of his career" right here in Boston.  He’s coming off of one of his best seasons EVER and could probably field some decent offers (rumors have the Yankees pining for him) from other teams, but he wants to re-sign with Boston. 

Who’s the man, Mike? 

You are, baby, you are!

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