Okay, I’m watching…

…and already I want to stick ice picks in both my ears.  What the heck was that "We are the world" knock off at the beginning of the game?  Good lord.  Just…ugh.

And Joe Buck has just announced that this is a MUST WIN for the Astros.  Apparently, his math is off.  Either that, or he has already forgotten the 2004 ALCS.

I hate the hyperbole…the manufactured drama.  Sure the Astros would be in a better position if they win tonight…duh, Joe…but to get all melodramatic and announce that is IS  must win…please.  Three games down would not be insurmountable.

Has history taught us nothing?  🙂

(okay, one last item for now…why is the roof open?  Since when does MLB get to dictate how the teams decide that?  Only 2 games this year did they play with the roof open, why should this game be any different?)

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