Phil Cuzzi

Okay, I totally understand throwing out LaRussa…guy had it coming.  Fine.

But throwing out Jim Edmonds was just lame.  He had no reason for it, tell him to shut up and get back to the plate, Phil.  This game is way too important for you to make yourself such a big part of it.

Which is my biggest problem with the umps in MLB anyway.  They all think they’re part of the game.  As if people are paying to see them.

MLB needs to stop cow-towing to the goverment by spending all their time tracking down steroid users and start focusing some attention on their umps.

I’d love nothing better than to see an entire rehaul…bring all (or at least a decent number of) new umps in next year.  Get some fresh blood in there.

Granted, I understand it would be pretty bad having all rooks in there messing up calls left and right, but there has to be some parity somewhere.  Some middle ground where we don’t have all these guys behind the plate trying to either make a name for themself or get themself on Sports Center.

I’m quickly losing interest in both LCS’…and that makes me sad.  I guess it’s just because I’m not feeling the passion I normally do when the Sox and/or the Yanks are in it.  Actually, it’s a bit of a good thing.  I’m starting to be able to watch the games, interested just because I love to watch baseball and not because I care which team wins.  But the umps are making it tougher to watch.  Honestly, throw Jim Edmonds out of the game and I wonder how many people changed the channel after that.

I know it isn’t affecting the outcome of the game…Astros are winning and that was the 8th inning…but it’s disappointing to watch these umps act like they are the main attraction.

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