Black Betty and other ramblings

I’m oblivious.  Thanks to MLB extra innings, I’ve seen a lot of Yankees games this year and I got to see one in person as well.  And I never noticed that they play "Black Betty" at Yankee Stadium.  I can’t figure out when they play it (they just played it now during the 7th inning).  It’s just something you’d think I would notice since it’s the music that Mike Timlin comes out of the bullpen to every appearance.  Oh well, guess I wasn’t paying attention.  (slight pause while I take this moment to post the most recent picture of Mike…hey, it’s going to be a long off-season!)

October2005Yankees are making it interesting right now.  Just tied the game with two on and 1 out.  It’s never easy, folks.  Never.

I have to say, Robinson Cano looks like the real deal.  If I say one nice thing about the Yankees this year, it’s that.  Now if he’d stop trying to emulate Jeter with that fist pumping…I might actually be able to like him.

Thanks to the Yankees fans and White Sox fans who pointed out to me that when I slam the fans because of jerky fans out there, I do all the real fans a disservice.

I know this…but it does bear repeating in a public forum, if  for no other reason than just to be fair.

So when I talk smack about the ChiSox and Yanks fans…know that I’m talking about the jerks…not the real fans…just the ones I’ve had bad, personal experiences with.

I’m quite disappointed that the Braves are out of it.  They certainly didn’t deserve to win TODAY…but man I wanted to see them beat the Astros (no offense Astros fans…I’m a closet Braves fan is all!).

Posada just scored (and yes, he was safe…nice slide, Jorge)….Yanks up by one.

I’m fine with the Sox being out of the playoffs….but I’d be better if the Yanks got knocked out as well.

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