Since it is over for the Red Sox…

…I thought I’d share some of the emails I’ve received since I started this blog.

Not the good ones – the ones from the true fans of the game regardless of their team allegiances.  I get many of those and I thank you for them.

Oh no…the fun ones.  I’ll spare you all the vile ones that MLB would shut me down for reposting…but I thought it would be interesting for you all to see a bit of what I get just for having this blog.  I’m amazed at the people who take the time to write such junk, but what are you going to do?Itsourturn

Here’s the latest one I received today…before the game even started:



Brilliant, isn’t it?  Thank you Ryan Jirmasek.

Or how about this gem Joshua Wilmes sent me yesterday:

"Bye, bye red sox. Keep dreaming about a comeback and tell gaffe-nino he s*cks just like red sox nation "

White Sox fans are so original, aren’t they?Dividson

And this one, which either came from a White Sox fan or a Yankees fan…he wasn’t specific, but just like the others, he did send me his name (amazing…write like a 2 year old, yet tell me who you are). Ben Marz, thank you for this enlightening message:

"bosox su x"

Wow.  Such poetry. 

And these are the ones I can print (although even these I had to edit to get on  There are many others which I should print OUT and burn in the street…but I won’t.  I understand the frustration other fans can have from watching people actually enjoy baseball. 

I’m currently watching the Angels make Randy Johnson look bad.  I got to watch my Red Sox play 165 games this year.  Life is pretty darn good.

(The pictures in this entry were taken from various websites over the last two days…just emphasizing my feelings on many White Sox fans)

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