Is Rick Sutcliffe brain dead?

7:40pm…Rick Sutcliffe made a Johnny Be Good joke.  Wow, these guys get paid for this stuff.

Thank you Johnny…I’ll suffer these fools as long as you keep hitting.

Buehrle has some good stuff tonight…at least those last two pitches.  Man, he’s probably one of those pitchers who gets better as the night goes on.  It could be a long game.

He they just showed that Bill Miller is the homeplate umpire and Berman didn’t make a comment about Billy Mueller.  Good for him for showing restraint.

Good God they’re asking Piazza to critique Papi’s hitting again.  Have these guys watched a Mets game this season?

Papi just let two great pitches go by.  Man…he’ll swing at the next one in the ground next, right?

Okay…I stink.  WHOOOO Papi!!!!!!!!!!  He just got the double Berman thought Manny should have had!!!

Except…now they’re walking Manny. 

Ask any mermaid you happen to see…what’s the best tuna?  Chicken of the Sea!

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