Are you kidding me?

The ESPN guys are talking like the Red Sox are down two games…they lost one game, could we at least get through THIS game before they start burying the Red Sox?

Bottom of the second…Let’s go Boomah. 

THe local ABC station is showing the game tonight, which means "Lost" isn’t going to be on.  You would think more people would complain about this.  Maybe they are since WCVB is going to bump their late night programming to air "Lost" at 11:35pm. 

Johnny Damon just shut up a boatload of Chicagoans (sp?) with a fabulous catch!

Okay, Boomah just gave up his first  hit.  Why didn’t Berman complain that Everett didn’t get a double out of that?

Man, I can’t stand Carl Everett.

Double play…thanks boys.

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