One other thing…

…I know it is totally irrational of me to be mad that Curt blew the game…but to state that it would have been fine had Bronson stunk up the place and lost the game (I mean he DID give up 10 freaking hits).

Losing a game in the standings isn’t the end of the world.  And I have faith that this team will come back from one loss and do fine.  They’ve been playing really good ball and are bound to lose a game here and there.  So it isn’t THAT they lost…it’s HOW they lost.

It isn’t fair to Curt, but HE’S the one who raised the bar.  HE’S the one who wants to be an ace…he wants to be THE guy on the team.  So HE’S the one who gets my wrath when he doesn’t perform.  The Yankees are only 3.5 games behind us now.  And Curt needs to be the one to say, "I’m going to help the team".  Whether that is by getting back into the starting rotation or just admitting he ISN’T a closer, I don’t know.  But he needs to do something soon.  August is no time to start experimenting.

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