Sweet Caroline!

So I take my best friend (Mary) to see Neil Diamond tonight for her birthday.  NeilWe have a nice dinner…have great seats (and because other people bailed on us, we each have an empty seat next to us…so we have plenty of room!)…it was a great time.  Neil Diamond sounded exactly like he does on his recordings (for those of us who like him, that’s a very good thing!). 

I didn’t worry too much about the game.  I figured either Bronson was going to totally tank and lose, which would stink but wouldn’t be the end of the world…or we’d win.  I wasn’t counting on the CURT factor.Curtaug162005_1

  While I was singing along to "Sweet Caroline" at the Fleet Center, Curt was in Detroit, showing us once again why he ISN’T A FREAKING CLOSER.

Does he have to get it tattooed on his forehead?

Keith Foulke is at home laughing his butt off. 

The Fenway Faithful booed Embree.  They booed Bellhorn.  They boo Millar every freaking chance they get.  And they booed poor Mike Remlinger off the field the other night.  When is it Curt’s turn?

I’m usually against booing your own players.  When a player is doing poorly, he knows it and booing him does nothing.  That’s my way of thinking.

But in the case of Curt, it seems to me that he doesn’t know he stinks.  Or at least he won’t admit it.

Before I get too far off on a tangent, let me just say that I adore Curt.  In my opinion, the guy put his ENTIRE career in jeopardy to help the team win the World Series last year.  Nothing can top that.  If it came out that he couldn’t play this year because of how badly last post-season ruined his foot, I’d understand.  I’d feel sorry for him, but wouldn’t be upset about the team.  He made his sacrifice last year and it worked for the team.  More power to him; thanks for everything.

So if that is the case, Curt, DON’T FREAKING PLAY.  A closer needs to get out of the ninth inning without giving up a couple of  homeruns a night.  We can’t be afraid to put our closer in when there is a tight game…THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF HAVING A CLOSER.

So Curt needs to sh*t or get off the pot.  Either get back in the rotation, or get back to AAA and work out whatever freaking kinks he has.  I’ve had enough with putting up with his ego just because of last year.

"You can’t cost your team games trying to learn a job," Schilling said. "You can’t do that. There’s no excuse for what happened."

Sure there is Curt.  You aren’t learning YOUR job, you’re learning Keith Foulke’s job.  Get back to working on YOUR job and we’ll all be happier for it.

"He’s not the Curt Schilling that finished last season," teammate Johnny Damon said. "He needs some work, he knows it. He’ll find it. Hopefully, he’ll get another opportunity (Tuesday) and he’ll close it out for us."

Good God.  If he gets another opportunity on Tuesday, I’m pretty sure I’m going to set my television on fire.

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