Anonymous sources tell me you suck

I wake up this morning to an email alerting me to Mike Giardi’s piece at Comcast Sports New England about how what Jon Lester told, seemingly, every reporter in New England yesterday was only “part of the story”.

Now, in case I didn’t make this clear in my previous post about him, I think Lester is a spoiled, arrogant ass. But what is becoming more disturbing for me is the increasingly common use of the anonymous source for just about every article that gets written about the Red Sox these days.

I’ll make this brief and to the point:  If people want to keep writing these stories geared to upset the fans and shake up the Red Sox, the need to start demanding that their sources go on the record.  As much as Lester annoyed me yesterday, at least he put his name to what he said.  Not only do I have no respect for people whispering gossip in the media’s ear but insisting on anonymity, but the media reporting all this information without any credible name on record as a source is getting out of control.

I’m sure some will think I’m just a conspiracy theorist nut with this next sentence but I’ll say it anyway: I’m not entirely convinced everything we’ve heard has come solely from people who work for the Red Sox.  I would not be surprised to find out some of the “sources” feeding these articles are the Boston sports writers themselves.  They’ve been waiting four years to be able to start trash talking this team in print and now they have their chance.  I find very little comfort in a writer covering the Red Sox telling us their sources are “impeachable” yet refusing to name said sources. They haven’t done anything over the last, oh fifty years maybe, to give me any indication I should trust them and I’m getting very tired of reading “Anonymous sources said…” in every piece that’s being written right now.

Since I’m ranting, let me just add Jerry Remy to my list of people surround the Red Sox who are pissing me off.  Nothing like taking advantage of the fans any way you can, Jerry.  I received an email today from a PR representative wanting me to share the news that Remy’s Bar and Grill is having a bitchfest on Wednesday. They literally sent out a press release to let people know there is an “Open Mic Rant” from 5-7pm….and don’t forget they’re selling $5 burgers too!  Apparently they are doing everything they can to ensure I never step foot in there again.  They’re calling it “Occupy Fenway” which would be cute and maybe even clever if it wasn’t so stupid and annoying.

So they got their wish, anyway.  I mentioned it on the blog.

I’m at the point where I hate pretty much everyone but the fans right now (because, honestly, for fans who get so maligned, I think most of the Red Sox fans thus far have handled all of this the best out of anyone dealing with it).

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