Oh, Danny Boy

I missed the entire game yesterday.

I was very upset about that while this was happening.  I convinced myself that yesterday’s game would be smooth sailing and the Red Sox would be sweeping Toronto out of Fenway and I wanted to see it.  But I had a prior commitment that I couldn’t change and kept me away from a television or even my cell phone…and I suppose it turned out all for the best.

Everyone has bad stretches, I get this.  Heck this entire team has had their share of bad stretches, so I hesitate to overreact about Daniel Bard.  Truth is, though, I just can’t shake the idea that he’s either just gassed from the long season or we’re seeing some breakdown that might have longer lasting implications for Bard.  In any event, a phone call from my father after the game told me how things went.  I keep reading about how Terry Francona is in love with Bard and that’s why he keeps bringing him in.  When my father called me, he began the call with “I don’t think Tito likes Bard all that much”.  I knew that meant he brought Bard in and Bard blew another one and I knew that meant I would be avoiding the likes of Twitter all night because as much as I was thinking “Can we just maybe rest the kid for a few games and try to nip this in the bud?” I didn’t want to read all the rantings from everyone else (rantings that tend to be much more colorful than mine!).

Okay…so that happened.  Rays are in town for the weekend and I have three friends coming in from all over (Florida, North Carolina and California, to be exact) and they will all be spending some time at Fenway for this series…the baseball gods and the Red Sox won’t let them down…right?

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