Who’s Winning?

With the Rays and the Yankees winning last night the screws tighten a bit more on the Red Sox this week.  Of course, one good week of baseball from the Red Sox and I can stop reading the whiny tweets of the New England sports media.  I have to give props to the majority of Red Sox fans I know and/or follow around the Internet:  Not a lot of  panicking, just a lot of frustration…which is totally understandable.  I’m not here to say “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this team” but I also think it’s premature to freak out right now, especially given the schedules for the rest of the season.  The Red Sox recovered after their terrible start this year and they have time to recover right now.

Reading the news last night about Manny Ramirez’s arrest on a domestic violence charge was upsetting and disappointing.  The sports media will be crowing (and already started last night) today about how they told us and we should have all hated Manny based on their telling us they couldn’t tell us why but we should have hated Manny all along.  There’s a fine line between being a generally lousy person and beating up on your wife.  I’m not ready to give any of the Manny-haters “credit” for their feelings because they never gave us anything  more than “he’s lazy and he’s selfish”.  Anyone taking glee out of Manny’s failings, especially this newest one, has issues much deeper than I care to get into.

Once again, Tim Wakefield is on the mound to attempt to gain his 200th win.  I love Wake.  I want Wake to leave the game on a high note.  But right now it’s more important to me that the Red Sox get a win than it is he gets his 200th.  I’d like both of those things to happen tonight but I’ll settle for just one.

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