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Is there some rule that states if your name is "Charlie" you have to be a knuckleballer? (Charlie Haeger photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission)

* “Big Game James” is one of the dumbest, least appropriate nicknames in baseball and it makes me irrationally dislike James Shields. (There are plenty of legitimate reasons for a Red Sox fan to not like James Shields but I feel like my dislike crosses into irrational territory because of his dumbass nickname.)  And while I have to grudgingly admit that having 9 complete games is impressive, and Shields doesn’t exactly stink, watching one of those complete games be a loss to Boston yesterday gave me much pleasure.

* One of the only benefits to my still being unemployed is getting to watch weekday, afternoon baseball.  Baseball should be played in the afternoon.  Then again, baseball should be played when people can watch it.  So, once I get a job, I’ll be conflicted.  Not so much right now.  Getting baseball in the afternoon yesterday AND today is like having Christmas two days in a row.  (Especially given I missed most of last night’s game.)

* On Monday, the St. Louis Cardinals suspended their number 1 prospect, Shelby Miller, indefinitely, for violating team policy.  Word is that it was most likely due to alcohol-related matters.  Now I’m all for reprimanding players for legitimate violations but I find it both interesting and hypocritical that these guys get reprimanded for alcohol-related instances (even though they aren’t publicly telling folks that) and then when they get to the bigs they can get arrested for DUIs whenever they want with nary a slap on the wrist.

* It’s bad blogging etiquette to publish consecutive posts without the courtesy of a few hours in between.  You’re supposed to space them out so folks come back at different times and pump up your traffic.  I’ve been slacking lately and instead of leaving gaps in days on the blog, I thought I’d fill them all in.  I know you folks don’t mind!

* I miss Kyle Snyder.

* Speaking of missing, I’ll be missing the Futures at Fenway games this weekend.  I think this will be the first time I don’t go to Fenway for them since they began and I’m a bit bummed about it.  Fortunately, Kelly O’Connor will be there and we’ll get a lot of fabulous photos of the young’uns!

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