Seeing a triple play in person is on many the baseball fan’s bucket list…and it’s still on mine.  Not only didn’t I see it in person, but I didn’t see it live on NESN either.  That’s okay. I’ve seen the replay a hundred times and it’s still great.  Would have been nice if they could have gotten the “w” as well so we could see this game repeated on NESN for years to come but at his point I suppose that is picking nits.

Thanks to that loss and a Yankees win last night the Red Sox are a half a game out of first place and the Yankees currently have a game in hand.  It’s August 17th.  There is a lot more baseball to be played and, as it stands, if the playoffs started today the Red Sox are 9 games up in the Wild Card race.  The only team in MLB to have more wins than the Red Sox right now is the Philadelphia Phillies. The team is good.  The team is playing well and, for the majority of their games, the team is winning.  Still, last night, people were booing Carl Crawford.  Those people can go stick their heads in a pile of manure.

But there is no time to dwell on the negative.  Sox split the double header, which is good enough for me.  Now today, at 1:35pm, I’d like to see them win the series with John Lackey on the mound against David Price.  What? It could happen!

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