It was just ONE game. Sheez.

Even if the Red Sox losing doesn’t bother me that much, I absolutely hate leaving Fenway Park while the organist plays the ‘we lost’ songs.  I wasn’t there last night, but I know a few people who were and having to file out to “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” while dodging happy Yankees fans had to really be annoying.

Even so, unlike, it seems, the majority of people online (fans AND members of the media), I’m not all that upset about the Red Sox losing last night.  Sure, I would have preferred a win and definitely would rather have the Sox on top of the standings instead of the Yanks, but one loss in a three-game series isn’t going to wig me out.  Everybody is worrying about John Lackey being on the mound today and while I agree that he isn’t exactly confidence-inspiring, he also hasn’t been pitching all that terribly.  I’m more upset at the fact that we have to watch it on Fox if we want to see the game because listening to Fox announcers for three + hours is never entertaining.

Also, I’d like to point out that the Red Sox lost 3-2.  I point this out because my Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of people talking about how the Yankees dominated the Red Sox last night. The Red Sox got three more hits than the Yankees in Friday night’s game and couldn’t capitalize on them.  That isn’t to say the Yankees aren’t good and OBVIOUSLY were better than the Red Sox last night but I’m not getting why some folks are acting like last night was some colossal beat down.  They lost a game, it’s going to happen, get over it.  (Honestly, this applies more to the media.  Holy cow you’d think the Yankees beat them 20-0 the way some of them are acting.)

Because the national media loves to torture baseball fans, we get Fox and ESPN for the next two games (which means 4pm and 8pm games…huzzah).  I’d like to suggest folks turn off their volume on the televisions and turn on their radios if they can.  The sound might be just a little out of sync but at least you’ll be spared the national broadcasters.

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