All Star Slump

I have this trollish person who loves to post comments about Adrian Gonzalez being inferior to Mark Teixeira (seriously).  His comments get automatically sent to the spam folder before they can be posted here (for reasons unrelated to Adrian) and, honestly, that is where they belong.  Recently he has taken to calling Gonzalez “Adriana” (see, it’s funny because calling a man by a woman’s name implies that he’s less of a man.  Hooray misogyny!) and last night the comment he left asked me if I was worried that “Adriana”  was “another one of Theo’s busts”.

Had I not read people in other forums who are both Red Sox fans and professionals who cover baseball asking similar questions I probably wouldn’t have given it much thought.  But one loss in Baltimore coupled with Adrian’s poor showing post-All Star Game has some people freaking out.

Gonzalez went into the All Star break hitting .354.  He has 130 hits, 78 RBI, 11 intentional walks, an OBP of .400 and he’s slugging at .560.  He has gone 2 -24 in these last five games (where the Red Sox have won three out of the five games including a 16-inning game where Adrian was one of only three Red Sox players to get a hit) and some people are acting like the world is crashing down around him.  The convenient (and ridiculous) excuse is his participation in the Home Run Derby (although Gonzalez is having none of it) but is it so outrageous to think that the guy might have a cooling off period once in a while during the season?

We get an early afternoon game today (12:35) with Andrew Miller on the mound.  I want a win, not just for the standings but to give an extra little middle finger to Buck Showalter.  My middle name is spite. 🙂

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