.500 looks good on you

I really wanted this sweep.  Really wanted it.  I know the Sox are still 3 games out of first and it looks like the rain isn’t going to stop all week and a million other things could go wrong but dammit today I am basking in the glory of a three game sweep against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium and no one can bring me down.

The Live Chat was a lot of fun, thanks to all involved for stopping by!  It seemed to work too…I’m considering it again for this Sunday’s Sox/Cubs game on ESPN (it’ll help dull the pain of Bobby Valentine!).

Daisuke on the mound tonight against Baltimore at Fenway barring rain delays and/or postponements.  While the Sox are on a Yankees sweep high, the Orioles are on their own high after taking two out of three (in fine fashion) against the Rays this weekend.  So while the Rays and Yankees will hopefully be beating up on each other down south, the Red Sox have some business to take care of.  Here’s to an exciting week of baseball coming up!

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