I don’t believe you win any points for staying up late or sitting in the rain to watch a baseball game.  So, I will say sincerely, win or lose, I am not sorry I didn’t make it for the entire game.  The idea of a game ending at 2:45 in the morning, the morning of an early afternoon game, is absolutely ridiculous to me.  Even more frustrating is that my team lost.  So, no, missing the majority of the game doesn’t upset me in the least.  (I didn’t even make it the full five innings.  Watched as the game restarted after 11pm and fell asleep.  I am definitely not sorry things worked out that way for me.)

And as difficult as I’m sure it was for the team to lose in extra innings almost 8 hours after the game began, it isn’t exactly something I can hold against them.  By that point in a game, the team with a bit more energy gets the win.  Good for the Angels for holding out.  (I would also like to say that the people heavily criticizing Daisuke for last night can go jump in a lake.  The guy came out of a game with a funky arm and then gets put into a game taken place much later than a game should be taking place.  Not exactly perfect circumstances for his return game.) They’ve lost one of three in this series, thus far, against some of the best pitchers in the league right now.  Not exactly a reason to hang their heads.

There is no time to dwell as there is a game at 1:35 this afternoon and John Lackey has a game to win.

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