So Good

I felt like a four year-old on Christmas morning yesterday…way too much stimulation.  I spent the entire day watching the news, well into the 7pm hour.  Then I added to the list the Red Sox game and the Bruins game and my head was spinning happily for quite a few hours.

Yesterday’s Sox game played like we want every Red Sox game to play.  Clay Buchholz with his first “quality start”of the season, giving us fits when they showed him every half inning staring at his hand (“Is it a blister?  Does he have a cramp?”  What’s wrong with him???”) but still pitching well.  Dustin Pedroia with an epic at bat against one of the best pitchers in the American League.  David Ortiz with a home run and Jacoby Ellsbury with a stolen base. A pile of of runs in the seventh inning followed by the relievers giving us a reason to pay attention to a blow out game. Carl Crawford showing us that May might be his month with his second consecutive multiple-hit game.  This was a damn fun game.

I’ll be at Fenway tonight with friends enjoying the team and the company. Getting to see them in the midst of a really exciting stretch is icing.

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