So I watch the entire Bruins/Canadiens game last night and figure the adrenaline will have me good through the Red Sox/Angels game.

No such luck.

I did make it through the seventh inning but then found myself slipping soundly into sleep.  The last thing I did before nodding off for the night was hit “record” on the dvr…and how glad am I that I did that?

It isn’t often you can record a game and watch it without knowing what happened, but this time I got to do just that.  I didn’t go online or look at my cell phone or even leave my bedroom this morning.  I just turned on the television which was still on NESN and started watching the game where I left off.  (The fact that NESN still airs the dreadful Dennis and Callahan show live also helped since they weren’t talking about baseball they were discussing Andrew Ference flipping off the Montreal fans.)  It is fair to say I was quite pleased with the outcome.

Sox have won their last five out of six games.  For folks saying it’s too soon to get excited about it, I submit that what we have been waiting for since the first week of the season is a reason to get excited…a spark in the team that shows they’re as good on the field as they are on paper…and we are getting that right now.  So enjoy it, people!

I’ll be back later today with another giveaway just in time for Easter weekend!


Random stat that delights the heck out of me (courtesy of Gary Marbry at In the last six games the combined ERA for the  Red Sox starters is 1.37.  (Over the first 12 games it was 6.71.)  This is exactly what we were hoping for when the season began!

Blog suggestion for the day:  Ben at Over the Monster gives us good news about Kevin Youkilis!

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