The series isn’t over

I didn't take all that many pictures last night because I was too busy enjoying the view...but here's one I got of Papi

“We lost as a team. Every time we lose, we lose as a team.” ~ Adrian Gonzalez

Yes, indeed, Adrian.

We were fortunate enough to be sitting in an area last night that when the herd starting thinning the fans who decided to stay could move up and sit in the good seats with us.  This meant that for the last couple of innings we were surrounded by good fans who were cheering on the team and yelling encouragements.  Well, all except for two jackasses who used the opportunity to move up and insult any of the players in the on-deck circle.  (We ended up behind the Red Sox on-deck circle for the game last night, which was not in the original plan, and reportedly we were shown on ESPN.)

The two jackasses were shut up quickly enough by a polite but large man who asked them if the seats they were in were actually theirs and who then suggested he could call security and find out.  Like I said, we had a good crowd around us and after a game like last night’s, that makes a big difference.

If you watched the Red Sox win their first series against the Yankees you know that they have some power and talent that just isn’t consistently showing itself.  The Red Sox could still very well win this series against the Rays, which is all they need to do.  Keep winning the series and everything falls back into place.  So if you were one of the asses who spent money to go to a baseball game and then used that time to boo your own team, then you got the game you deserved and I hope it’s the only game you are able to go to in person all season long.

It was definitely painful to watch the numbers keep moving up for the Rays, but games like that happen.  At one point it went from painful to humorous.  How do you stay at a blow out for almost the entire game and then decide the 11th run of the night was the final straw for you?  The number of people who did just that (jumping up and waving their hands in disgust as they made their way to the exits) and it made for good entertainment.

I’m not a fan of claiming staying at a ball game is a badge of honor and there are many legitimate reasons why someone might have to leave a game early, but I don’t think right now is the time to be giving up on your team.  I don’t care how famous they are, I don’t care how fabulous their personal lives are and I don’t care how much money they make…the team is struggling and needs support not abandonment.  Support the team or jump on a train and become a fan of a New York, DC or Baltimore team.  Maybe that will be more fun for you?

As an aside, last night Joe Maddon tweeted that Sam Fuld not staying on base and collecting his cycle showed integrity.  Why?  Near the end of a blowout game where it has become clear extra runs will be just that, what does it show integrity.  I feel like that’s something you would say if the team lost, not when they’ve just pounded their opponent.  Besides, I have a difficult time believing Sam was fully cognizant of the fact that if he pulled up he’d have the cycle.  Even if he was, having the view I did made it seem obvious that he was just doing what was natural, running because he could.  No need to make it more than it was, Joe.  (Also, to give you an idea of the crowd around us by that time, many in our section were yelling for him to stop because they wanted the New Hampshire native to get the cycle.  Like I said, the good crowd around us helped make the game less painful.)


Random stat that helped make the evening fun:  Alfredo Aceves, in relieving Tim Wakefield (who relieved Daisuke Matsuzaka) went 2.2 innings, struck out 2 and gave up no hits nor any walks.  I’ve now seen him pitch twice this season and both times came away happy that he’s with the team.

Blog suggestion for the day:  In an effort to keep the fun in the game, Soxy Lady has, once again, taken on the task of compiling at-bat and entrance music for the Red Sox.  Check it out (and help her fill in the gaps if you can!)

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