Secret Ceremony – 1968

Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Mitchum…this would make you want to watch a movie, yes?

So I made the mistake of watching it.  Of seeing stepfather Robert Mitchum making out with stepdaughter Mia Farrow (Woody and Soon-Yi anyone?).  Of watching Farrow, Mitchum and Taylor chew more scenery than I thought humanly possible.  Two hours of my wondering how any one of them could have read that script and said “Yes!  THIS is the film I want to make! Sign me up!!”.

I’ll say this.  Elizabeth Taylor looks absolutely fabulous in the purple outfit.

It shouldn’t please me when two out of the three main characters end up dead…but my only regret here is that one of the three lived.  I suppose this is exactly what it was supposed to be.  A campy, gothic, thriller of sorts that makes me want to fast forward through it.  I didn’t.  I sat through it all even though I wish I hadn’t.

The things I do to keep true to my word…even if that word is only to myself.

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