M. Butterfly – 1993

Watched this movie for a myriad of reasons.  It was free On Demand, I needed a film for my movie a day exercise, it is relatively short and I had watched the first Harry Potter and The Walking Dead and was looking for something a little less intense.

I knew the story of the film and the back story as well.  As long as I live I will not understand how a man can have an affair with another man and not know it…so intimate that they supposedly had a child together…it just blows my mind.  So, admittedly, I wasn’t the target audience.  But I thought I’d give it a shot.

The problem with this film is I disliked both leads.  Not Jeremy Irons and John Lone, they’re both wonderful actors, but the characters they played.  There was no time in this film that I could sympathize or empathize with what was happening because they were both not wonderful people.  I like to consider myself somewhat of a romantic, but forsaking everything because you have a hard on for someone is not my idea of love it’s my idea of selfishness.  So when the end came (something I would have seen coming even if I didn’t know the background) I didn’t feel sorry for poor, tormented, Jeremy Irons.  I was annoyed at his all-encompassing ego.

Add another to the list of movies I thought I wanted to see and then wished I hadn’t bothered once I did.

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