Ju-on – 2000

This will be a quick one.  Hell, the film itself was only 70 minutes long so why stretch this out?

I’ve watched subtitled films before (and I prefer them to overdubs) but I was concerned I’d have trouble following a Japanese film.  Not sure why, but I was.  The Japanese nor the subtitles gave  me any trouble.

What gave me trouble was the bouncing from storyline to storyline until they all connected.  I had to go straight to Wikipedia to find out what the hell was going on.  Once I had a clue, I actually enjoyed this film a lot.  Great job building suspense.  Not too much gore. (Girl with no jawbone was really the worst of it although I could have lived without seeing a dead baby in a sack get banged all around the town.)

So this is how brief this entry will be:  Much to my surprise, I liked this movie and I find myself wanting to watch the sequel.  I’m just not sure how soon I’ll do that.

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