The Hudsucker Proxy – 1994

Good Lord Paul Newman looked good in 1994.

Tim Robbins standing on a ledge moving quickly to the past where Charles Durning jumps out of a building.  Nothing like moving the photo along.  Looks like Robbins is as overwhelmed as me.

“Merged with the infinite.”  That is brilliant.  Also, they asked for a moment of silence and then deducted it from everyone’s pay.  Not a laugh out loud moment but definitely a chuckle.

The physical comedy that Tim Robbins just pulled off in setting the contract on fire and trying to put it out really surprised me.  He’s so well known for drama and Bull Durham but I can’t remember him being THIS physically funny (short of his delivery off the mound!).

Have to hand it to the Coens.  Jennifer Jason Leigh is nailing the fast-talking, newspaper gal character.  Her interactions in the mailroom and with Robbins HAVE made me laugh out loud.  Everyone else’s over the top accents and mannerisms are annoying me.  Newman and Robbins are the only ones not hamming it up.

God I hate the ending of this.  I get it’s the Coen Brothers but Charles Durning with the Halo was just…stupid.  I liked the narration though.  So there’s that.

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