Bored to Death (1) – HBO

There was nothing about this that appealed to me but I watched it anyway.  It’s one of those odd shows that promises to be really funny but isn’t, yet I’m compelled to watch because there are glimmers of humor and the acting is fabulous.

Episode 6 changed my mind about the humor being just glimmers.  From start to finish, I laughed at everything they said.  Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis make two great sidekicks.  Galifianakis is the sad-sacky, schlumpy, comic book artist best friend of Jonathan, the writer by day, unlicensed private eye by night played by Jason Schwartzman and Danson is Jonathan’s partying, pot-smoking, editor.  Very often the supporting cast outshines the star and that’s the case in this show too.  Schwartzman is great but Galifianakis and Danson steal the show every episode, especially in episode 6, “The Case of the Beautiful Blackmailer”.

It’s a half an hour of sex and drug jokes mixed in with some really odd circumstances and cases and a good way to numb your brain for 30 minutes.  There are worse ways to spend your time, I suppose.

Ted Danson alone is a good reason to watch this show.  When his character is high and silly it’s hard to visualize him as Sam Malone or Becker.  This is possibly my favorite character he’s created.

The first season ended with Jonathan and George (Schwartzman and Danson) telling each other they were glad they are in each others lives.  A surprisingly sweet ending to such an odd show.

Initially, it wasn’t something I would go out of my way to watch but I’ve caught up with the show On Demand and I plan to start paying better attention with season two.

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