A Quickie

Every time I make plans to live chat, something seems to drop in front of me and stop me.  Sadly that happened today as well.  I feel like crap, have felt like crap, and  plan on spending the weekend at Fenway and am trying to do everything I can to NOT feel like crap for that.  So I need to bag on the live chat – sorry, again, for having to bail.  I’m hoping to have some post-season chats if the fates don’t mess with me more.

The Red Sox have a good chance to help keep the Yankees away from the division title.  If this is how things have to go, I can get behind it.  I absolutely don’t want to see the Yankees celebrate at Fenway Park but I’d love to see them learn they were going to the post-season on the wild card there.

Hey, if I can’t cheer for my team in the post-season, I can take comfort in the little things.

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