Nothing is meaningless if someone still cares

The sports writers, even the ones I actually like, seem to be taking every moment they can to remind us that these wins “don’t mean anything”.  But you know what?  They do.  They absolutely mean something.  They mean that, even though things look grim for them to get to the post-season, this team hasn’t stopped playing and they haven’t stopped wanting to win.  Should we not want our team to win – or care that they win – just because the end won’t result in a trip to the playoffs?

There are 19 games left in the season.  I plan on watching every one of them (some in person at the park!).  I (unrealistically) want the Red Sox to win every one of them.  I want the rookies to shine and I want those players who have struggled this season to try and end their year on a high note.  I don’t need to be told that these games don’t mean anything.  If you’re a fan and you want your team to do well, every game means something.

I plan on live chatting this week but not on Tuesday.  Wednesday, the Sox/Mariners game is at 6:4opm ET and I’ll be here for the live chat!  While some think the games are meaningless, I think we still have a chance to milk some fun out of the rest of the season!

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