Music of the Night

I plan to write today but right now my brain is full of fluff given I’m re-watching the second to last “True Blood” episode in preparation for the season finale and have music playing while I settle in for another week…so I’m going to just play the old “What’s playing on your iTunes?” game. Here’s a quick dozen:


1) HallelujahLive/John Cale – This version is gorgeous.

2) Soliloquy/Mandy Patinkin – Two of my favorite things: Show tunes and Mandy Patinkin.

3) Everything I Own/Bread – I downloaded this one night when I was feeling particularly nostalgic for my childhood. Bread seemed to be played a lot back then.

4) Wild Horses/Susan Boyle – Yes, I totally have bought into the Susan Boyle mania.

5) Born Yesterday/John Lilley -“The subtext clear on every page; we’re both always alone”

6) Change/John Waite – Loved this video
7) Just Don’t Want to be Lonely/The Main Ingredient – I don’t remember this from when it first came out but downloaded it about a year ago and adore it.

8) Where the Boys Are/Connie Francis – Great song to sing at karaoke!

9) Beat up Guitar/Hooters – Love them…love their music.

10) An American Trilogy/Elvis – I feel like I shouldn’t love this song, but I do.

11) Harvey Haddix/The Baseball Project – I dare you to listen to this song and not get angry for Harvey (but it’s also so damn catchy you won’t be able to stop singing it!)

12) When You Say Nothing at All/Alison Krauss & Union Station – Hauntingly beautiful remake of the Keith Whitley song.

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