More wins please

Crabby has his work cut out for him.  I think he's up to it.  (Photo taken by me in Baltimore back in 2008)

Crabby has his work cut out for him. I think he's up to it. (Photo taken by me in Baltimore back in 2008)

Really quite nice to slap on “Breakfast with the Sox” this morning and see the shortened version of last night’s game.  Clay Buchholz pitched great, Big Papi slammed two home runs, JD Drew continued his hitting streak, Pedroia got in on the fun…hell, Bill Hall had a damn pinch hit home run!  There really wasn’t anything to NOT like about last night’s game.

I will admit to flipping over to the Bruins game occasionally.  I’m not one of those people who will pretend to be a die hard.  I stopped really caring about what the Bruins were doing probably in the mid/late 90s.  But I certainly jump on the bandwagon during the playoffs and although I’m not feeling any sting this morning I really do sympathize with the real Bruins fans this morning.  It’s always lousy for a devoted fan base to go through something as gut wrenching as you all are right now.  (Okay, it wasn’t lousy when it happened to Yankees fans…but it is for everyone else!)  I’ll also admit to being a little happy that I don’t have to watch any more baseball games on the God-awful NESN Plus channel.

Back to Papi for a moment.  In his last ten games (against the Tigers, Blue Jays, Yankees, Angels and Orioles) he has 11 hits and 11 RBI.  He’s walked 3 times, scored six runs and hit five homers.  Dan Roche was writing about him this morning as well:

In the month of May Ortiz is hitting .333 with 5 home runs and 11 RBI. He’s got an .OBP of .361 and a Slugging percentage of .818 for an OPS of 1.179.

Also in May? The Red Sox are 8-5.  As Papi goes so go the Red Sox?

My one note of snark on the night?  It was pretty sweet to see Johnny Damon go 0-5 and end the game by flying out to Bill Hall.

Sox send out Jon Lester tonight to go up against Dontrelle Willis.  On paper, this promises to be an exciting game if you’re into good pitching.  In reality?  I’d like to see a replay of last night’s game.  Sox scoring early and often and our starting pitcher going at least six innings giving up only a run or two.  Another win, that would be great, fellas.

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