I love the day AFTER an off day

Here's hoping Clay's still smiling after tonight's game!  (Photo taken by me in Pawtucket last year)

Here's hoping Clay's still smiling after tonight's game! (Photo taken by me in Pawtucket last year)

Ever feel like life is just repeatedly kicking you in the butt?  That’s where I am right now.  So, admittedly, a day off from Red Sox baseball was helpful for me so I didn’t really have to focus on much outside of ‘real life’.  Although Justin Verlander shutting down  the Yankees and especially the Celtics, yet again, embarrassing LeBron James did help put a bit of a spring back in my step.

One of the great things about Verlander beating the Yanks?  The Red Sox won’t have to face him this weekend.  I love good timing.  Tonight the Sox start a three-game series against the Tigers in Detroit and are going against a very hot Tigers team – a team that just beat the Yankees three out of four games this week.  I think it’s time for them to lose a few – the Tigers that is – yes?

Tonight, Clay Buchholz goes up against Max Scherzer, tomorrow it’s Jon Lester against Dontrelle Willis (in what seems to be the “marquis” matchup for the weekend) and the on Sunday the Sox send out John Lackey to go up against the always intimidating “TBA”.  I’m almost afraid to say that I like out chances to, at least, take the series this weekend.  But, truth is, I do.  Hey, I’m eternally optimistic.

Incidentally, if you go visit the Tigers’ official website you’ll see that their slogan for the year is “Always a Tiger”.  How is that inspirational?  Heck, it isn’t even accurate.  The Red Sox don’t have a slogan.  I put that up there with their not telling you to “make noise” on the scoreboard and by their not playing “Everybody clap your hands” to get the crowd into the game.  I hope that all lasts.

Sox are hitting the road coming off a 7-3 homestand.  It doesn’t feel like they had as successful  a time at home as they did – I blame the way the game ended on Wednesday for that – but there’s hope in their good play that they can continue it on the road.  Next stop after Detroit is The Bronx…it would be nice to go in there with at least two more wins under their belts.

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