I can beg to survive but nothing’s gonna help me


Things not related to the ALCS that are pissing me off this week:

*  Steve Phillips is addicted to sex. Stunned.  I’m stunned, I tell you.  To think, instead of facing up to the fact that his ego is such that he enjoys cheating on his wife with subordinates, he announces to the world that he’s a sex addict, goes into “rehab” for it and will most likely come out to the welcoming arms of a job.  Nice work if you can get it, huh?

* Bill Madden is a rumor-mongering ass and no one except Matt O’Donnell at Fenway West, has called him on it.  According to Madden, the Red Sox “have apparently decided not to try to re-sign Jason Bay”.  Does he offer any proof of this?  Any quotes?  Any facts at all?  No.  What he does offer is his belief that Jason Bay’s rep “Scott (Avenging Agent) Boras” had a bad relationship with the Red Sox.  That’s his proof the Sox aren’t going to re-sign Bay.  The worst of it being, surprise surprise Bill, Jason Bay’s agent is Joe Urbon.  Whoops.  Madden wrote this piece on Saturday and it’s been up ever since with no corrections.  The New York Daily News, your leader in spreading misinformation.  The kicker is that so many blogs have picked up on Madden’s piece and are quoting it as fact.  It annoys me to no end that professionals can just throw out rumors, stating them as fact, and not have to be responsible to anyone to report the actual truth.  I have no bloody idea if Theo plans to make Bay an offer that will woo him into staying in Boston – neither does Bill Madden.

*  Tony LaRussa gives Mark McGwire a job.  Yeah, yeah.  McGwire never admitted to anything (he wasn’t there to talk about the past, dammit) and he didn’t get “caught” or “outed” (unless you count Jose Canseco)…but the fact remains that when most people think of Mark McGwire, they think of steroids.  What better way to show folks that MLB is serious about cleaning up the sport than bringing Mark McGwire in to be the Cardinals hitting coach?  How long into the season (or maybe just into spring training) will we finally get Mark in front of a microphone admitting to all he has been accused of, begging forgiveness and thanking LaRussa for his chance to get back into baseball?

*  JD Drew. Folks, he isn’t a murderer.  He hasn’t been outed for cheating on his wife or using PEDs.  I’ve never heard one fan ever claim he blew off an autograph request.  And, believe it or not, he’s a pretty solid player.  Yes, he has a huge contract that was totally overblown and never probably should have seen the light of day – but it did.  YEARS ago.  Build yourselves bridges and get the hell over it, people.  JD Drew isn’t the devil.  You just want to paint him that way so you can entertain yourself in the off-season.

Four?  I only came up with four?

I think that’s because in the back of my brain I keep looking ahead on the calender to tomorrow.  AKA:  The 5th Anniversary of the night our lives TRULY changed forever.  More on that next!

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