It troubles my brain

Looking forward...SOMETHING has to get me through the winter, right?

Looking forward...SOMETHING has to get me through the winter, right?

Well the 2009 MLB season ended for me with the Yankees winning the ALCS.  I’ll have to spend  my time figuring out how to follow Kyle Snyder and Los Lobos de Arecibo in winter ball but I’m surely not watching the Yankees play in the World Series.  First time I haven’t watched the Series since 2003.

I’m pleased Slappy didn’t win MVP (and truly believe CC deserved it) – it’s bad enough he’ll be in the World Series – proving, once again, that the universe doesn’t care much about character and often rewards those who don’t deserve to be rewarded.

The Angels…well, they did what they could but, ultimately, came up short.  6 games deep into the ALCS is nothing to sneeze at, though.  I just find it sad that they came so close, especially this season, just to falter at the end.

So, goodbye until Spring Training, Major League Baseball.  I certainly hope the Phillies can beat the Yankees but I won’t be watching them do it.

Edit on a Monday Morning A message for the trolls:  I have it set up so that most of the trollish behavior goes automatically to spam, which means I don’t see it nor does it get posted.  If you have, in the past, trolled here and got yourself deleted/banned, regardless of how much you try to play nice, your message won’t be posted.  I don’t go to Yankees message boards or blogs talking trash about your team so I don’t expect people to come here to rub it in.  And, really, your team just won the ALCS for the first time since 2003, if you’re a real fan aren’t you enjoying this with  your fellow fans?  Why visit a blog that doesn’t support your team?

I have some friends trying to convince me to give the WS a chance since so many believe the Phillies will wreak havoc on the Yankees…we’ll see.  Maybe I can try it with the sound muted?

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