At least he’s got a job and isn’t gray

Think they're talking about Manny?  In my imagination Tito is saying "Remember when we humiliated you guys in 2004?  That was awesome!".

Think they're talking about Manny? In my imagination Tito is saying "Remember when we humiliated you guys in 2004? That was awesome!".

I know my seemingly sporadic posts of late might not indicate it but I’m really quite happy with this Red Sox team right now!  I mean, how can  you not be?  Two losses in their last 13 games (Sure the O’s were going to be a cakewalk, but what about the Angels, the Rays and the White Sox?) with four against the Royals starting tonight, leading into a weekend in the Bronx.  I’m already bouncing off the walls.

The big question for Sox fans right now seems to be “Do we want Tito to rest guys and fiddle with the rotation in preparation for taking the wild card or do we want the Sox to go full out and still try for the division?”

I don’t see why they can’t do both.  I’m a firm believer in it not mattering how you get to the playoffs as long as you get there.  So if the Sox think the same way, I’m all right with that.  But the Yankees losing two to Seattle this weekend (one in glorious, walk-off fashion against Mariano while the other was a gut-punch to the young, fist-pumping Joba) and the Red Sox now being only 5 games out of first (and four games back in the loss column) there is certainly a part of me dizzy at the idea of stomping on the Yankees and taking the division.

Thanks to the Rangers essentially giving up on themselves and the wild card, the Sox are eight games up there with a “magic number” of seven.  So, work this with me, if the Red Sox sweep the Royals and the A’s sweep the Rangers (both will be playing four-game series this week so the scenarios aren’t out of the realm of possibility) the Red Sox will have secured a spot in the playoffs before getting to New York this weekend.

Wow.  I hadn’t looked at it that way until I actually typed it out.  Excuse me while I step away for a moment and take some deep breaths.

Adam Kilgore has what is possibly my favorite quote from this weekend.  In his story about the Red Sox clubhouse after yesterday’s win over the Orioles, he drops this nugget:

“I don’t see Joba pumping his fist now,’’ another player shouted after Joba Chamberlain allowed a home run to Ken Griffey Jr.

While I would love for that to have come from Kevin Youkilis, I’d be willing to be my last paycheck that Dustin Pedroia is the culprit.  And while it might seem a little childish for any of the Sox to be saying such things (relatively) publicly, screw it – I want the Sox to not like the Yanks.  I enjoyed the rivalry a little more when the animosity between specific players was there (hell, I was essentially introduced to the rivalry by Carlton Fisk and Thurman Munson!).

The Sox are gearing up for the playoffs and heating up at the perfect time!  Tonight we get the interesting matchup of Tim Wakefield (back for another good game, I hope) and former fan favorite Lenny Dinardo (okay, he’s still a favorite of a few of us!).   Because it’s in Kansas City, it starts at 8:10pm EST instead of 7:10…so, people, get ready!

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