But I made a promise that you treasured

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! (Shown here with Luis Tiant outside of Fenway Park!)

Last night’s “live blog” turned more into a game day chat…and it was a lot of fun! Hope folks enjoyed it as much as I did (and thanks to everyone for coming by!).

It was great to see DLowe get the ovations he deserved and I was also happy that he pitched well. I didn’t want him to win but I wanted him to look good on his return. It worked out well all around, I’d say. He pitched a good game but Beckett pitched a better one. Exactly what I wanted!

Josh Beckett is just, in a word, amazing. 94 pitches in nine innings. Seven strike outs, no walks and five hits while giving up NO runs. Not much more you could ask for there. I noted it during the live blog – Beckett pitched against Pedro Martinez back in 2006. Pedro got all the attention that night with Beckett being merely a footnote to the game (prior to the start of the game). Out in the bleachers, we watched Beckett and Pedro warming up with everyone screaming to Pedro and we decided to yell encouragement to Josh since his own fans seemed to be ignoring him. Of course, over the screams of “PEDRO!” he probably didn’t hear us. After that game he even commented on all the focus going to Pedro. But Josh came through that night and he did last night as well.

I’m enjoying the 2009 version of Joshua Patrick Beckett. How about you?

1:35pm and I’ll be watching Tim Wakefield (a dad who once said he wanted to play baseball long enough to have his children realize that he gets to play at Fenway Park for a living) with my dad at home. I hope you get to enjoy the day with your father but if you can’t I hope Wake makes your day a little brighter by kicking some Braves behind.

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