Please say you’ll never leave me

That’s me with Derek Lowe back in April of 2002 (A week or so before his no-hitter!). Taken with a fancy, schmancy disposable camera!

So what if it’s a Saturday night and if I live blog everyone will know I’m home sitting in front of my television and my laptop? It’s Derek Lowe v Josh Beckett! (And everyone knows that’s where I’ll be anyway – regardless of whether there is proof of it on the Internet!)

Last year I live blogged a Derek Lowe v Bronson Arroyo game so why would I back down today?

In an effort to help kickstart the Sox back to what they should be doing (we have good mojo with the live blogs) – I’ll be here at 7:00 tonight for the Beckett/Lowe live blog.

Join me, won’t you?

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