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If you “Twitter”, you might want to check out Jerry Remy over there. Currently, Jerry hasn’t done any updates (his man John does them for him) but it looks like it will be a good place to get some RemDawg info (and John seems to be trying to wear Remy down to update himself).

I was hesitant to join Twitter, initially. I think I have the hang of it now and I really enjoy getting updates from sports sites and blogs and, yes, even the occasional famous person. For example, Texas Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson is an active member of the Internet society and, because of that, I agreed to point you all to his MySpace and Twitter pages – he updates on Twitter more regularly. CJ is…well he’s an interesting guy. I’m still trying to decide what I really think about him and his positions on things, but at the very least he’s an entertaining read. Said CJ, at one point:

“Come on man you have to admit the median or average guy in a baseball clubhouse does drive an SUV, drinks beer, golfs, likes college sports, chews or dips tobacco and is relatively a [expletive].”

I don’t believe the average baseball player is a [expletive] (although, I know no players so what do I know about it? Let’s say I choose to believe that the average ballplayer ISN’T a [expletive].) but I do think that it’s refreshing to see a ballplayer not afraid to ruffle feathers when it comes to his brethren. Maybe if more felt like CJ, we would have known about Barry Bonds in 1999 (or, hell, Mark McGwire in 1998) when it was going on instead of having just about everyone connected to MLB turning a blind eye?

Again, in any event, CJ is an entertaining read. (And he isn’t the player I mentioned previously).

It was sad to read that Corey Koskie officially retired this past week. Concussions are a scary thing and something you don’t want to mess around with. I think he made the right decision, but I’m sure knowing that didn’t make it any easier for him. David Lennon over at Newsday has an interesting take on concussions from the POV of Ryan Church (30 year-old outfielder for the Mets). Church spent much time on and off the DL last year because of post-concussion syndrome – something, it seems, many who haven’t experienced it don’t take seriously. Church’s story is scary and reinforces, to me, that Koskie definitely made the right decision.

Today’s fun fact, courtesy of my friend Susan (who just so happens to live in Fort Myers): “The space shuttle will be landing at 1:39 p.m. during the game. It may be possible you’ll hear the sonic boom on TV as it comes down about 5 minutes before it lands.”

You can see today’s game versus the Twins on NESN and at 1:05pm. This is the last Spring Training game NESN will be airing. (Tomorrow’s game will be available on NESN will be showing the first of the two Sox/Mets games next weekend, but those aren’t, technically, Spring Training games are they? (MLBN has the Saturday game. Does that mean it will be blacked out in New England even though NESN isn’t showing it?)

Brad Penny is pitching against Francisco Liriano today, so tune in to see how he’s looking. There’s a good chance I won’t be seeing the game – this is the last Saturday that I won’t be compelled to watch a game – so I might take advantage of that.

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