Flashing back to Johnny’s return

Dougiemarch132005_2I’m home tonight having a bit of a relapse so I’m taking it easy and I decide to rifle through the dvr and clean some things out of it.  I actually have two dvrs and one of them is full of "Red Sox Report", "Red Sox This Week", "Red Sox Hot Stove", "Red Sox Rewind"…you get the idea.  But on a different dvr, I have the May 1, 2006 Sox/Yankees game.  The original game too, not the two hour shortened version.  It just occurred to me that I live-blogged this game…so to entertain myself…I’m going to repost the live blog tonight.

Hey, it’s the off-season, what do you want?  Besides, this game was from May 1st and it’s nice to re-live a part of the season when there was still so much hope!

I hope folks enjoy it…I’m going to read it and watch the game again!  🙂

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