The National Anthem

We didn’t get it at Game 1 of the World Series and after watching John Mellencamp’s self-serving "This is our country" commercial, I thought we weren’t getting it again tonight, and I was getting a little cranky about it.  Then Anita Baker came on.

I didn’t love her version, but I will say this:  In all the time I’ve watched/heard that song performed, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who seemed so genuinely thrilled to be singing it.  She made it seem like it meant something to her.  She had her hand on her heart for almost all of the song (and only took it off when she started waving her hand in the air to get the crowd worked up for the end of it) and she cheered when she finished.  What a great performance!

It is 40 degrees in Detroit tonight.  Baseball should not be played in 40 degrees.

Joe Buck just said that it wasn’t "unexpected" that the Cardinals won last night.  Does Joe Buck ever hear what the people around him are saying – or does he even pick up a newspaper?  NO ONE thought the Cardinals had a chance to win last night except maybe me and Will Leitch.

Tonight Kenny Rogers against Jeff Weaver.  Both pitchers who have performed well-above what was expected of them this season.  Given the way things are going in this post-season, we’re either looking at a pitcher’s duel…or a hitters feast.

While I’ve always wanted to be at a World Series game in person, I’m very happy to be sitting in the family room, snuggled up on the couch with the big screen in front of me…nice and warm and away from the elements.

Should be a fun night of baseball…may the best team win.  🙂

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