Is it Wednesday already?

WeavThis week is flying by for me.  I guess that happens when you’re busy.  But I’ve still been paying attention to baseball.  Some rambling from me before I’m off again.

    • In the past, I’ve been tough on Jeff Weaver (maybe not here, but trust me, it’s out there somewhere).  Well, he showed me.  Twice he needed to step it up and twice he has.  Given how the Angels dumped him this year, it must make it that much sweeter for him to be able to help the Cardinals.  Way to go, Jeff!

* With all respect to Kellia, what did Eric Byrnes expect?  I don’t think it is unreasonable for people to note that someone shows up for a gig on national television looking like he just fell out of bed.  Okay, Byrnes looked like he just fell out of bed and got attacked by twenty junior high boys who all gave him noogies at the same time.  Should people judge others on their looks?  No.  But they do.  And, in this case, it wasn’t so much judging him on his looks as it was wondering why he and ESPN didn’t think his appearance was important enough to at least brush his hair.  We aren’t talking about fancying him up.  I understand he has a reputation of being rough and tumble and all.  But to show up looking like this and then get offended and jerky when people comment on it, well, Eric, that’s a bit ignorant and, well, jerky.  Saying "I didn’t realize how many degenerates sit there at home and watch television and surf the Internet and look for ways to belittle people…" just proves to me you aren’t ready for the job.  And as far as the "flow and the knowledge coming out of [your] mouth", brother, you give yourself way too much credit.  And ask Steve Lyons how the irreverent broadcaster act worked out.

* Lou Pinella to the Cubs?  Great.  Now we get to spend the rest of the off-season listening to "ARod is going to the Cubs" rumors.  Huzzah.

* Speaking of Psycho and Lou:  Steve claims he didn’t know Pinella was Hispanic (have to admit, neither did I.  Honestly, I thought he was Italian) and Lou claims to not be offended by what Lyons said (probably because he didn’t understand it or tuned Lyons out long before he said it).  Lou even talked to Fox on behalf of Steve.  Oh well, he still has his job with the Dodgers (but they’re making him attend sensitivity classes).  And for those who got offended after the fact (since it seems no one even noticed it  until Fox fired him and pointed it out, whatever it was supposed to be, to the world) Lou says, "There isn’t a racist bone in his body. Not one.  I’ve known the guy personally. He was kidding with me, nothing more and nothing less."

* The other night on Baseball Tonight, Dusty Baker was asked if he’d go back to coaching.  He stated "going to a winning team" as part of the criteria for his return.  I’m guessing that means Dusty thinks he wasn’t responsible for the Cubs, eh?

* David Wright is batting .118 in the NLCS.  He has a total of two hits (a double and a homerun).  Yet I haven’t read any New York press about how he is a ‘choker’.  I fear if the Mets lose the LCS, that’s exactly what is going to happen.  Which, since they were the ones so hot to build him up all year long, would be typical of the way the sports media works these days.  Although, I am curious as to how all the Wright/Mets fans feel.  It reminds me of Johnny Damon pretty much not showing up for the the ALCS until the last game.  Tough to be hard on the guy when he did so much for the team all year (I felt the same way about Johnny).

One final note for the day:  Apparently, I rubbed a lot of fans who live in New York (notice I didn’t write "New York Fans") with my criticism of the fans booing Billy Wagner and leaving that same game early.  I think that issue got me more email than I’ve received since I posted the picture saying that every time the White Sox win, God kills a kitten.  The funny part is, I think I only received one message from a Mets fan.  The rest were from fans of other teams (including the Yankees) who happen to live in New York.  Apparently, according to these many emails, the belief is that a lot of the fans who show up at Shea, who can AFFORD to show up (according to what I’m being told) are Yankees fans.  Now, I have no way to verify that, I’m just going on what I’ve been told.  I’m being taken to task by fans who tell me that the Mets fans don’t sit in the seats that were emptying out nor where you could HEAR boos. 

Of course, I have no idea whether or not this is true.  But I do know that I got many different emails saying basically the same thing, and it’s an interesting theory.   

Having written that, I still want the Cardinals in six or seven…either works for me.

Have a great day folks!

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